Friday, 18 June 2010

Works of wibbly art

Striped Clementine from Jelly with Bompas & Parr (Pavilion).

A striped clementine jelly by Bompas and Parr
One food that I associate, more than any other, with childhood birthday parties is jelly. No party was a proper party without a jewel-bright wobbly bunny. No sir-ree!
My usual daily sweep of foodie links drew me to a more refined and grown up incarnation of this kiddie favourite. This photo of striped clementine jelly caught my eye and my curiousity. The accompanying article claims that the recipe is "not as complicated as it sounds" but it still involved hollowing out clementines, which seems like a faff to me though the results are impressive. Suddenly, I've been dropped into the wibbly world of Sam Bompas and Harry Parr; 'jellymongers' who are described as "the country's foremost jelly experts" by the Guardian. This has got me thinking about how many jelly experts we must have in Britain for them to be at the "forefront" of this undulated crowd.

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