Tuesday, 8 June 2010

An answer... But what was the question?

My current place of work doesn't have a microwave. Apparently, their insurance won't cover it but I wonder if the more likely reason is that they don't trust us not to blast CD's and made explodey food messes. Anyway, eons ago while I was doing work experience in an architectural practise at London Bridge, there was a girl who would come in most mornings and use the communal toaster and microwave to make a bacon sandwich. Yep, microwaved bacon. Weird, eh? I was sceptical but, when she offered me a bit, I couldn't resist satisfying my curiosity and it was good. Not your typical bacon sandwich but still a salty, relatively satisfying bacon hit.

Alas, my current employer will never see such delights. But maybe there is a simple answer to this. Last year, while I was still a merry student, my housemate presented me with a concept - baconnaise. A creamy, meaty condiment that can be used to take you and your meals to "new bacon-y heights" according to the official website (www.baconnaise.com). Weirdly, its actually vegetarian (though not vegan as, like most mayo, it contains milk and eggs) so this could be a way of staving off your bacon cravings if you're counting the calories or are off meat. For me though, the stuff sounds grim. Don't get me wrong, I like bacon well enough. But the idea of salty, smokey mayo makes me feel a little ill.

Still, it would mean that I could indulge in "bacon" sandwiches at work despite our lack of irradiating equipment. Don't let The Man drag you down!

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