Saturday, 26 May 2007


After some deliberation as to where to start, I think a little review is in order. When I'm out and about in London, particularly when I'm around Covent Garden, I often leave a little time for a coffee or even a spot of lunch in Ponti's. They serve a fantastic selection of Italian pizza and pasta if you're after something hot - their spagetti and meatballs is highly recommended - to keep you going through the day or you could always go for a sandwich or salad if you need something lighter and more summery. Their hot drinks and puddings - my particular favourite is a hot chocolate and chocolate fudge cake combination - are great too.
Even better, the prices are quite reasonable (particularly for London) and they offer catering and delivery services for the more jet-set among us. So take a look at their website or pop in and try them out!


Designer Dishes is open and ready for business! Here you will be able to find fabulous recipes and all sorts of foody things for your digestion. You see, I love to cook and it surprises me how many of my friends don't know how to make the simplest of nutricious meals. Okay so not all the recipes you'll find here will be 100% healthy but, hopefully, the majority will be! So get your saucepans ready and put your faith in a Designer to give you some inspiration for yummy meals...
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