About Me

I like food in (almost) all its forms. Whether its cooking or eating, I have tireless enthusiasm for all things culinary. Often, I wish that I could devote all of my time to cooking and eating but, ever practical, I'm somehow managing to hold down a full-time job while feeding my love for food on the side. (Sometimes the two worlds collide - I've been hailed as the best cake baker by my former colleagues. Praise indeed!)

My love of food is matched only by my addiction to design. Trained as a Part I Architect, I can't resist designing on a day-to-day basis. I have something of a reputation as a magpie for both beautiful design and sparkly objects. I am in my element when contributing to design projects of any kind.

As I'm currently taking a break from architecture while, as my former colleague and mentor so aptly put it, "the West decides whether it still needs architects" during the economic downturn, my passion for food has intensified. I strongly believes in good food being sourced at its best close to home as possible, made from healthy ingredients and fresh in season though I can't help loving a devilish treat every now and again.

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