Friday, 14 May 2010

Review: The Plough Inn, Wrington

There are few things nicer than seeing a place revitalised, especially when said establishment has been crying out for a (cringe) 'make-over' for an extended period of time. The Plough Inn in Wrington was a pleasure to visit yesterday as, for many years and increasingly so recently, it had fallen out of favour and consequently off the map. I have fond memories of the place from years when I was at school and college, as several of my friends worked waiting tables or behind the bar which meant that it was a popular haunt for get-togethers. Even the Boy did a stint there! The food, back then, was good - nothing too fancy but good grub. The place was kept busy by the restaurant and bar alike as the pub reaped the rewards of their proximity to a fantastic local brewery. But in the years that followed, and with several changes in management, the pub seemed loose its spark. It became quieter and quieter, much to our dismay.
We returned last night to find the pub renovated and rejuvenated under new management. The atmosphere has gone from musty traditional country pub to urbane gastro-pub in one seemingly easy step. We were seated in the brand-spanking-new extension to the old dining area which gives the pub a much more open-plan and airy feel, party due to the large windows and patio doors that now look onto the smaller but more manicured garden. We consult the menus and are pleased to hear from our waitress that the bar is still well-stocked with good beers on tap while others (online) have raved about their wine list.
The food, over all, was good. I had the creamy smoked haddock with poached egg and cheddar to start, which was simply lovely, while the Boy had the ham hock terrine with absolutely sublime chunky chutney. We shared their paella plate for our main, which was a little bit of a let-down compared to our starters; the rice was a little dry and, though it did come with a pile of seafood, the calamari rings were overcooked and the mussels were extremely salty. Other members of our party had more success though – both the trout nicoise and bangers and mash receiving a positive review. Pudding was a sticky toffee pudding between two, which was very nice. All in all, well worth a visit and reassuringly busy, even on a Thursday night.
The décor is a little bit tacky gastro-pub for my taste – a little swish for a small country public house – but hopefully it will mellow with time. Watch this space!
Starters: £5 - £7
Mains: £9 - £16
Desserts: around £5
The Plough can be found on the High Street, Wrington, Bristol BS40 5QA. Tel: 01934 862 871‎

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