Monday, 17 May 2010

Noodle Bar, Loughborough

If you're looking for a simple, quick meal out in sociable surroundings, Noodle Bar in Loughborough is a good place to try. Slightly strangely named - The White Horse & Noodle Bar - the establishment is both a pub and a Chinese noodle bar so you can kill two birds with one stone. The Noodle Bar itself is a lofty long room filled with long dining tables. Everyone sits together, which combined with the high-ceiling and student-y atmosphere, gives the room a buzz. We were seated quickly and had barely looked at the menus before our waiter had returned to take our drinks order.
We decided on sharing some crispy duck to start, which arrived promptly and was shredded by two waiters at our table. The duck itself was perfect - crispy skin with moist, tender flesh. The accompanying pancakes were a little thin on the ground - we could've done with a few more between three of us - but the spring onion and cucumber seemed nice and fresh. For main, I had the sweet and sour vegetables with noodles while the Boy had King Prawn fried rice and his uni friend had stir fried pork (all £4.50). My sweet and sour was good enough for the price - the sauce was a little vinegary for my taste but there was a nice array of vegetables with large chunks of pineapple to get my teeth around and keep me happy. The Boy and his matie seemed very happy with their meals and we shared some prawn crackers (£1) between us, which were tasty if a little overtly oily.
Gourmet cuisine, it is not. But if you're looking for a fun alternative to a take-away or a first stop for fuel before a night out, Noodle Bar delivers. Not recommended for a first date (too noisy) and be aware that they do not take cards though they do have a conveniently placed card machine in the bar plus you're not too far from cash points in the centre of town.
Starters: £3 - £4
Mains: £4.50 - £6
Noodle Bar can be found at 32 Bedford Street, Town Centre, Loughborough LE11 2DS.Tel: 01509 269 247

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