Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Delicious Diaster?

Everyone seems to be talking about The Delicious Miss Dahl (on the Beeb, if you haven't already heard). Having read countless slamming reviews, I thought I would give Sophie a try for myself. And so, I donned my open mind and dived into her 'Romance' episode.
In a way, opposite to the verbal/written gang culture/one-up-manship that seems so prevalent today, the more negative articles I read, the more I hope I would like the programme. I'm not really one for jumping on the band wagon and burning people at the steak so I tried to find positives, really I did.

But (you knew it was coming...), my overwhelming reaction was to cringe. It was so twee! From Sophie herself - prancing about in girly outfits looking disgustingly svelte and battering her eyelashes seductively at everything (whether it moved or not) - to her whisking an egg in the chintz bone china tea cup... Argh! It was so sickly sweet and saccharine that I wanted to gag. Don't get me wrong, Miss Dahl (well, actually Mrs Cullum as she is now) is gorgeous looking but there's nothing else to the programme. The cookery was dull, her poetry recitals were just plain embarrasing and her obvious Aren't-I-so-family-orientated-and-lovely name dropping of her grandmother made me wince.

Still, fear not, fellow viewers and critics. Word on the grape vine is... she's been canned!

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