Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Election Eats

I'm on the train returning homeward after a long day and, although I have spent weeks trying not to, my mind is full of election thoughts. Tomorrow, we go to the polls and we decide our fate for the next four years. Serious stuff. Many of my fellow passengers seem to agree as they discuss hung parliaments and manifestos quietly amongst themselves or bury themselves deep in the thick pre-election newspapers. Above the clack-clack of the track, the rustle of the numerous Metros and the fuzzy announcements, a conversation between two business men floats into my consciousness. They're not deep in parliamentary debate, oh no. They're discussing the culinary highlights of Bristol. One is planning to surprise his spouse with a meal out as an alternative to watching the ensuing election frenzy on the box tomorrow night.

Some might say our future hangs in the balance but its good to know that, despite all the seriousness, the still room for foodie talk. Which leaves me wondering what's for dinner tomorrow night!

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