Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Hotel Chocolat Treats

I was a very lucky girl on my birthday this year. A good friend of mine sent me a rather mysterious looking package; three little boxes taped together came through the post with my name on causing much speculation amongst my family as I was away. With shaking (with excitement!) hands, I tore open the wrappings to reveal three cylindrical vessels bearing the Hotel Chocolat name. A good start! On closer inspection, I discover that these are filled with various alcohol soaked, chocolate coated fruits. Now I'm not normally mad for fruity-chocolately-ness - take it or leave it - however these are VERY different.

One box was filled with drops of pure sunshine, namely beautifully plump rum-soaked raisins coated in white or milk chocolate. They melted on the tongue then gave off a delicious, and remarkably strong, rum hit. There wasn't too much of a boozy tang because they were so small. Very very moreish!

Another pot held strips of dried mango soaked in schnapps then enveloped in dark chocolate. These were quite a surprise with the initial bittersweet bite of cocoa followed swiftly by a sweet fruity flavour. It wasn't until you chewed that you got a hint of alcohol that tempted you back for more. These were a little more work as they'd been dried and then rehydrated but this actually worked really well and made them all the more satisfying.

The final vessel was home to firm kirsch infused cherries enrobed in dark chocolate. A truly classic combination which proved very successful. They were surprisingly filling but were a real treat nether the less.

All in all, Hotel Chocolat are on to another winner. Even if you're not normally a fan of chocolate combined with fruit, this is definitely one to try.
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