Friday, 12 February 2010

Valentines Escapades

You may already be aware of my long-standing illicit love affair. Its written all over my face. The addiction, the deep running passion, is clear. Yes, chocolate has been in my life for a long time. The Boy knows this and chose my birthday present accordingly - a day out making the stuff! He knows me too well. In return, I bought him the same for his anniversaire (its only fair to share the love).

Life got in the way and the months have flown by. Its only now that I'm permanently housed that we can book our places. The Boy takes charge and our date is set. And what a date! Valentines Day chocolate making. And what's more, its in the village where I grew up.

I saw an advert in the Metro (my daily rail-time read) which merrily states "If you love her, you'll buy her roses. If you truly love her, you'll buy her M&S roses." The cheek of it! Friends, if you love her, you'll buy her chocolate. Trust.

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1 comment:

Sublime Monkey said...

It's not just love, its M&S love. (FX: Steamy music and seducing husky woman voice)

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