Thursday, 11 February 2010

Daily Grind

I'm not a morning person. That's not to say I'm completely and utterly useless in the mornings (though don't ask the Boy; he's biased in these matters). Its simply not in my nature to throw back the covers and spring from the warmth of my bed until, oh, about 10am if I had the choice. I can't help my desire to lounge around, wrapped happily in a snug duvet and hope that someone will bring me a cup of tea. Saying that, since I started my new job, I've been up at 6am during the week and out of the house little after 7am.

Maybe its a good thing that I then step on to a train bound for the city. I use my hour long journey to read, listen to music and generally wake up a bit. My usual train starts the day somewhere in the depths of the West country and gradually winds its way East in the vague hope of hitting London at some point in the day. Because of the length of its epic journey, it has a buffet car (with an enthusiastic "Customer Host" who crys his wears over the tannoy system at regular intervals).

This morning, the carriage is cold. I hadn't noticed until the ever helpful conductor pointed out as she chirpily checked my ticket - morning people, who'd have 'em? - that it was beautifully warm in all but my near-arctic coach. Up until that point, I'd been happily knitting away none the wiser to the freezing temperatures that my extremities were being subjected to.

Not long after, someone entered with a steaming mug clutched in their finger tips. The smell of roasted coffee beans seeped into my sleep soaked, cold assaulted senses and filled the carriage. Now, despite my anti-Starbucks nature (actually maybe the two are linked), I love coffee. I adore the taste - softened with milk or cream, sweetly rich with demerara sugar, whipped into a cake or straight up as an espresso. Mmm. The smell does wicked things to me too. Even the colour appeals. I tend to adstain from a regular coffee habit for two reasons: a) the Boy hates it and b) it plays havoc with my skin. I am sorely tempted right now though.

The Metro told me yesterday that coffee prices have plummeted so if you're a regular par-taker in this glorious beverage, you can be happy that your habit will cost you less from now on. Don't get used to it though - droughts will push the price right up again soon so make the most of it.

As for me, I have two choices. Move carriages to remove myself from temptation or befriend my fellow passenger...

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Sublime Monkey said...

Nose plugs and blinkers might help too.

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