Monday, 7 December 2009

Lunchables Follow Up

Well, the lunches continue to trickle in. Thanks to all of those that took the trouble to pick up their camera (or increasingly their mobile) and send me copies of their lunch. It's been an interesting week of culinary conversations. These have partly centred around my colleagues bemusement surrounding my lunch-time photo habit which has sparked questions and giggles.

Today I've been sent a rather belated photo by the boy.

Monday's Lunch for the Boy: mixed salad (from salad bar) and a jacket potato
Location: Power Station, South West
Price: 94p
The Boy is always singing the praises of his work canteen. He works in a power station (just call him Homer) and, understandably, it's miles from anywhere so his employer provides the whole site with food at a cut-rate price. One of his favourites is a medium sized salad box from an abundant salad bar which costs only 51p. Bargain!

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