Friday, 4 December 2009

Lunchables Day 5 - Suburban lunchbox

A sneaky peek into the lunchbox of a friend of mine who's a Marketing Assistant in Farnham (I think... though it might be another F-town...)

Friday's Lunch for MC: sandwich, banana (non-doodled variety), kettle chips and chocolate.
Location: Office
Cost: ?

'I usually have sandwich fillers or leftover meat from previous meals with chutney or mayo.' says he. 'Today I'm having my usual combo of sandwich, fruit, crisps and something chocolately. I would like to have some salad in my sandwich too but we only seem to have mixed rocket salad which isn't sandwichy enough in my opinion - more crunch please!'

I'm all for floppy salad personally but I guess a little iceberg doesn't go a miss now and again!

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