Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Snapshot: Eggs

I’ve been working in my current office for about seven months and in that time, two trends have been established. The first is cycling – I’ve been cycling the eight miles two and from work at least once a week since I started and gradually my colleagues have started to follow suit. The second, and more recent, is chickens. First one and then another of my colleagues has started to keep chooks in their back gardens. Office banter has turned to brooding conversations about poultry rearing. I must admit that I’m slightly jealous – if we had a garden, I’d love to have a few chickens.

Consequently, I’ve been given lots of gorgeous chicken eggs from home nurtured happy hens. Yesterday, a plea went out from our administrator who was overrun with eggs. Naturally, I volunteered to give them a good home and was presented with nine beautiful eggs (about two days of laying for her five hens).

As luck would have it, The Boy is finishing a secondment and needs to bring in the customary leaving cakes for his team so I got my baking cap on. Nine eggs turned into dinner (two fried eggs on toast), brownies, cookies and a lemon drizzle loaf.

Recipes to follow! If you're interested in rehoming ex-battery hens, please contact the British Hen Welfare Trust.

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