Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Fat Tuesday

Awesome pancake flipping robot

 It's Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day! Believe it or not, our friends across the Pond call it Fat Tuesday. Lovely! Traditionally, it was a way to use up perishables before Lent, the season of fasting. We seem to be pretty obsessed with the lovely 2D cakey-things (my facebook stream is currently 2:1 pancake-related statuses and photos!) so much so that we're teaching robots to make them (above - though the pancakes look a little rank)  and master that all important flip (have a look here - patience need required).

I like the 'traditional' thin-ish crêpe-style pancakes on Pancake Day though I tend to make thicker, doughier Scotch pancakes the rest of the time. So far, we've had two lots of pancakes in the last three days (awesome) and the unwritten rule is that I make the batter and The Boy does the forming/frying/flipping side of things.

My recipe is so simple that it barely counts as a 'recipe':

Mix together:
125g plain flour
1 egg
Half pint milk

We tend to eat them hot out of the pan with a running selection of jams, honey or lemon and sugar though Nutella (other chocolate spread brands available) is the bees knees - so much so that we don't tend to keep it in the house for our own health. Savory pancakes cakes can be fun too; I have memories of my parents feeding me pancakes stuffed with tuna and sweetcorn or cheese. I have a bit of a craving for stilton and caramalised onions which I think could be a bit of a winner. Adding the finely grated zest of half a lemon can add some zing to your cake whether it be sweet or savory and I'd recommend mixing up your batter in a jug rather than a bowl so that it's easy to get the batter to the pan. Beware though; make sure you rinse or wash up immediately after as pancake batter goes from liquid to irritating dried-on solid very quickly.

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