Friday, 26 March 2010

News Bites

This week:
Tugged at my heart-strings
We heard of the death of Nathan Laity who died tragically young at only 23 (a year older than myself). His family have blamed his gruelling hours as a senior sous chef at the Tate Modern. Having recently escaped a stressful and demanding job myself, I can sympathise with the loneliness and stress involved; certainly, my family and The Boy were concerned with the work ethic. Very sad but, I imagine, increasingly common especially for (experience-) hungry young graduates who are keen to prove themselves.
Controversy of the week
A survey by the UK food magazine, Olive, and the French food mag, Madame Le Figaro, has 'revealed' that the British are 'better at cooking than' the French. Who cares? I think. Well, many, it seems! Be ready for some spleen venting.
Recommended Recipe
My colleague recommends this delicious and simple Chicken and Leek pie recipe for a hearty meal.
In Season
Try rhubarb. I tried out a variation on this Nigel Slater recipe. I sprinkled mine with cinnamon and a little nutmeg before roasting
Next week:
I'm off to France to go skiing for a week. What a treat! We'll be self catering amongst six of us so I'm sure I'll come back with many culinary tales. Bon voyage!

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