Thursday, 4 March 2010

Maccy D... iets?

(The Times)

I've never been on a "diet". I'm naturally relatively slim and have a highly developed guilt gland when it comes to any remotely unhealthy food. Therefore, I tend to eat 'healthy' foods more often than not and also exercise once in a blue moon. I am, therefore, no expert in the world of diets but I can imagine that signing up to a diet plan that cites McDonalds as one of its staples might be a bit like making a deal with the devil.

Don't get me wrong. I like burgers. Anything in moderation is unlikely to do you a great deal of harm. Still, it seems to me that people turn to diet plans and groups because they need guidance. They can't do it alone; they don't know what they should eat or how to make the necessary changes to loose weight. Having known a few people who go in for the whole being-weighed-regularly-in-public-thing (seems a little Medieval or even town fair-ish to me), dieters tend to see meals that are endorsed or 'authorised' by their cult as staples. They cling to the familar; things that are marked as good, allowed and okay.

I can't imagine the cosmic void that will be caused by the juxtaposition of the Weigh Watchers and McDonalds logos. I just hope it doesn't envelope our planet and crush us to a fine pulp.

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