Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Snapshot: Even more eggs

When is a sandwich box not a sandwich box? When it’s an egg box. And filled with bubble wrap. Improvised egg keepers are quickly becoming my forte. It reminds me of the challenges we were sometimes set at school to design something to allow you to throw an egg as far as possible without breaking it. Not that I'm planning on throwing any of these eggs. Oh no.

More and more glorious eggs from my kindly colleagues. In return, I keep my nicest vegetable peelings aside for their chooks - they love the off-cuts of wilty peppers and discarded carrot peel that would otherwise go in the compost bin. They might as well get some use out of them before they go back in the ground. Is that up-cycling? I’m not down with lingo.

After an omelette or cake, you’ll find me washing out the egg shells and popping them into a still-warm oven or on the window sill to dry. These are crushed and added to their feed to give back some of the nutrients that they need to keep laying eggs.

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