Friday, 25 February 2011

Time for Tea!

Tovolo Tea Infuser
I like tea. I like mint tea, fruit tea, Earl (or Lady!) Grey and, of course, bog standard ‘builders’ tea. My fondness has lead me to limit myself to two cups of caffeinated tea a day during the week (irrationally based on a silly article seen in a girlie magazine) and none after 3pm unless it’s a dire emergency as the caffeine stays in your system for up to 7 hours.

My list of rules surrounding beverages might seem strange but I don’t like to rely on caffeine. I have friends and ex-colleagues who must, on pain of death (or something), have a cup of tea/coffee at whatever o’clock or the world ends – to me, this is stranger than my cuppa conventions. I used to have to have a cup of tea in the morning when I was getting up for work but I managed to give it up because I wasn’t comfortable with caffeine being the only reason that I was up and about.

I’ve also found myself becoming picky about the types or flavours of tea that I drink. I’m already pretty fussy about coffee – I try to avoid instant granules and would go for tea instead if this was the only option. A previous workplace used a popular brand of tea bags (I genuinely forget which one) which tasted stale no matter how fresh the packet was. I worked my way through a box of Asda’s own brand decaffeinated tea but won’t be buying it again as it tastes, to my palette, like sawdust if it is brewed for too long.

So, when I heard that Lahloo Tea were looking for people to try out loose leaf tea and ditch the dreaded tea bags, I jumped at the chance (and cheekily nominated myself!) to give their Tovolo tea infuser a try. I'll be posting my review once I've been able to give it a proper try.

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