Monday, 10 September 2007

Quick Lemon Chicken Salad

Summer Days are coming to an end but until those evenings draw in, make the most of those warm afternoons with a sunny citrusy salad. I have a few different recipes for lemon chicken but while the weathers nice, I think we should be out there enjoying it, not inside slaving over the stove so here's a quick chick option so you can get out there sharpish!

Quick Lemon Chicken Salad
You will need:
For the chicken
Chicken breasts (about one per person, chopped)
Red Onion (sliced) Garlic (to taste)
Thyme (fresh or dried)
Juice of One Lemon and a little of the rind

For the Salad
Iceburg Lettuce
Sweet Ramiro Peppers
Yellow Pepper
Cherry Tomatoes
Granny Smith/Golden Delicious Apple
- Brown the onions, garlic and chicken with the thyme until golden brown; this will take a few minutes and is important to ensure the chicken is cooked through
- Drizzle over with the lemon juice/rind and add honey to taste - it should be a balanced sweet/sour taste but not overly sweet.
- Let the lemon juice reduce until syrupy and slightly sticky, which usually takes about ten minutes over a low heat.
- While it is reducing, chop the salad and dress with a little cider vinegar. Serve the chicken on top of the salad.

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